"Patricia is a very diverse textile artist; her energy and creativity is boundless. She is always experimenting with new techniques and over the years has mastered so many. Her home, in Devon, is bursting with vibrant, original creations which are an inspiration to all. Enjoy looking at her work and see what she is currently 'playing with'." -EH

About Patricia

I hope that you enjoy exploring my site and most of all get some inspiration for your own work. As always categories never really apply and techniques overlap so I have had difficulty placing some pieces and much has ended up in Mixed Media and Stitch. Just roam around and have fun.

I have always had a great interest in all forms of art. My mother painted in watercolours and during my childhood I was taken to many galleries both in England and abroad. This awakened in me a wish to be able to communicate through art and a great desire to learn from everyone and everything. I have not only an interest in the work of artists but a huge respect and admiration for that work. As a child I was captivated by colour and loved leafing through the pictures in art books.

Fabric is important to me in the way it alters when scrunched up and moved the play of light. I love the idea of starting with a plain surface and enriching it with colour and texture. My work began with the creation of quilts and wall-hangings but has developed over the years to include embroidery, felt and other media. Thus textile art has become my means of expression.

I love people and passing on knowledge, thus I have spent a large part of my life teaching at many levels. I am back working, after a break to cope with protratced house renovations, in Exteter.

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